by Mark Redito



Much had changed since Mark Redito’s last full length “Desire”. The unexpected success of his debut album, the life on the road, and the launch of his own concert series, Likido, had him landing in a place that was worlds apart from “Desire” days when he started working on his latest release Neutropical.

“Back then, I was literally a bedroom musician, I was staying at my sister’s place not quite sure of where my life was headed,” recollects Redito. “I always imagined that if I became a full time musician and started touring and collaborating with talented musicians, the whole process would just get easier. I thought that with experience there would be this sense of confidence.”

“I was wrong,” Redito admits. His admission of insecurity and limitation paradoxically freed him to find his new path. “I found that you can't do everything you want to; and sometimes you don't become who you think you'll be. You have to forgive yourself in order to move forward. You have to allow yourself the grace and humility to acknowledge who you are. And that's ok.”

Redito’s revelation ultimately led him to reassess his writing process and led him to the discovery of Tropical Futurism, a cultural aesthetic inspired by Afro-Futurism. Redito pays respect to the island culture he grew up with and finds hope in the culture’s resilience despite its past oppressions and hardships. Neutropical is a hopeful vision of the future that puts the island culture and values front and center. All the while journaling the personal journey of where he was, where he is, and where he is headed.


released May 3, 2019

Production and Mixing: Mark Redito
Mastering: Ryan Schwabe
Album Art: Sherlan Abesamis
Music Video by: a bluer don juan


all rights reserved



Mark Redito Los Angeles, California

Your favorite kuya.


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Track Name: Break Silence (ft. Shel Bee)
Pretty boy stay
Oh you know that I long for ya
When you’re all gone
When you’re all gone

Watcha gonna say
I did every little line for ya
Now they’re all gone
Now they’re all gone

It’s okay
If you know something’s better for ya
Oh the grass is always greener, greener
I won’t fight if you know something’s better for ya
Something’s better for ya

Break my heart
But you don’t break silence
Say my name
Baby it’s alright
Break my heart
But you don’t break silence
Why you waiting
Go on and say it

Baby love why
Are you breaking every damn mirror
Are you bad luck
Are you bad luck?

Looking at the sky
I just gotta see the world clearer
Am I too fucked
Am I too fucked?
Track Name: Everything Felt Right
Woke up in the morning
Stumblin’ out
This headache is just killing me
Got to shake it out

This traffic’s taking too long
Will I be on time?
Can’t help but think of last night
When everything felt right

Everything Felt Right

Last night we were dancin’
Barely knew your name
Something in the way we’re movin’
Did you feel the same?

I saw a bit of sparkle
In those dark brown eyes
I can feel you next to me
Everything felt right
Track Name: Boyfriend (ft. TOFUKU)
Talk that talk that makes me want to say
Since when were you my baby?
It’s great,
Being someone headstrong
Who doesn’t need no mate
Lately it seems that the door to my heart
Has been unlocked
But I assure you that it’s closed when
Opportunity knocks

Time and time again, people try to be my man
Think I’m a princess who needs saving
But boy, I am about creating
I am lady, hear me roar
I am both strong and I am sore
Love myself and that’s a voc
Don’t underestimate me now

I don’t have any hard feelings
Against you or anything you do
It might just be for the best
If you put your princely act to rest
Baby baby, wanna make you see
To the best of my ability
That I believe in being free
Cause it's so much fun, you know being me!

Oh oh,
Don't want you to be my boyfriend
Oh oh,
Cause the whole world knows I don’t need a man
Oh oh,
Thanks for the offer boy
But I can manage here on out

Let’s see,
It isn’t hard to believe
That I really don’t wear my heart on my sleeve
Just breathe, baby boy you’ll be okay
Cause in the end you know I’d prolly leave anyway
No hard feelings, but I’m doing just fine
I’m an independent lady living life on my own time
I’m fine so don’t worry about a thing
Do you cause boo, I don’t need no fling
Track Name: Cloud Keep (ft. Abbi Press)
SPEAKING : hey, i wanted to tell you something but…I'm just not really sure…


walking down the street
i grab a bite to eat
with you
with you

even though it's just a screen
i know just what you mean
to me
to me

blushing bunnies, oh you're so funny
oh you're my honey bear
feel so connected when you send a message
and i can't control this feeling


think it's
in my head
i don't understand
how much i like you

think I'm
going crazy
i just imagine
us together

think it's
in my head
i don't understand
how much i love you

think I'm
going crazy
i just imagine
us together


i don't live in reality
and I'm trying to believe
that something is happening
between us
between us

SPEAKING: hi there, (laugh) I'm just chillin…


dot dot dot
you're pulling at my heart
i hope you feel the same baby

dot dot dot
i'm looking for a sign
from you
from you

internet explorer
come a little closer
travel into my world

caption my heart
a sparkle from the start
please don't leave anything out


think it's
in my head
i don't understand
how much i love you

think I'm
going crazy
i just imagine
us together

think it's
in my head
i don't understand
how much i love you

think I'm
going crazy
i just imagine
us together


how did you come to me
in what shape?
computer in disguise
i can see it in your eyes

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